A warm greeting to all our Yoga Moves Mudgee students!

It is so lovely to be able to practise together in the studio again from next week, Tuesday 23rd June 2020. We will be doing a very soft opening to keep our yoga community supported and safe.  Please find below all the information you need to get back into the studio.

Teacher Update

We are excited to report that our lovely teacher Georgie has safely given birth to three beautiful girls. Congratulations to the Sheridan Family.

Nadine, Sam, Hannah and Jess are all excited to return.

Suava will be looking after the minds and bodies of our little Yogis two afternoons a week commencing Term 3.

We have a lovely new teacher joining our team. Beth has done 200 hours of vinyasa training and 50 hours Yin. She will be teaching each Wednesday evening commencing 1st July 2020.  Yin will be held each Wednesday at 6pm in studio.



Bookings, Payment and Pricing

  1. Booking are essential if you do not want to miss out on your mat space. Studio numbers are restricted to 12 students in accordance with Covid 19 guidelines. Walk ins are still welcome where class numbers allow.  

  2. Those with passes select pay in studio.  Those without passes please use the online the payment system or contactless payment system in the studio. 

  3. All classes are now $15. Due to the uncertain nature of operations currently we will not be issuing new 10 class passes or monthly passes until further notice.       

  4. All existing passes are current and we encourage our students to use their passes while they can!  Monthly March passes are valid until 31st July.



  1. Due to the restrictions on class size and schedule we kindly ask students to cancel any bookings they will not be using to allow others the opportunity to practise. 

  2. Bookings cancelled inside of 24 hours will not be refunded unless your space is filled by another student.  This applies to studio passes and online payments.


Please find attached below our new studio procedures and guidelines including Covid 19 specific items. These procedures are designed to keep our yoga community safe and compliant with current health regulations that allow our studio to open.  We appreciate your cooperation.  



  1. No person may enter the studio if they are unwell or have been unwell in any way in the previous 48 hours.

  2. No person may enter the studio if they have been in contact with someone who is unwell in the last 48 hours.

  3. No person may enter the studio who has been overseas or interstate in the previous 14 days.

  4. No person may enter the studio who should be in self isolation.


Conditions of Entry

  1. Patrons must arrive clean and with hands washed prior to entry

  2. Hand sanitiser must be used before and after class

  3. Mat positioning on the floor is in accordance with Covid 19 guidelines.

  4. Social distancing of 1.5m must be adhered to at all times including the foyer and bathrooms – we have a large staircase and premises - spread out. 

  5. All patrons must leave their full name and phone number upon entry.


Changes to Studio Equipment and Use of Space

  1. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own mats.  

  2. Where a studio mat is used the mat must be sanitised after use.

  3. There will be no use of studio head standers, chairs, blocks, bolsters or straps and blankets until further notice.

  4. Staff are not able to give physical adjustments in class.

  5. Students are not able to fill water bottles on site, nor request a staff member to do so on their behalf.


Rest assured our Studio will be cleaned and sanitised in accordance with all public health directives.  We take your health and safety very seriously but in all instances students practise at the studio at their own risk.  


We are looking forward to seeing you on the mat!



Yoga Moves Mudgee Team

Let's Get Moving!

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